How To Make Marble Cake With Cake Mix?

How To Make Marble Cake With Cake Mix?

A marble cake has swirls of different colors running through it. There are several variants of the recipe, but the most common involves dyeing portions of the batter with food coloring and carefully layering them in the pan before baking. The result is a colorful cake with swirls or marbling throughout. 

The process may seem complicated at first glance, but it’s actually very easy to do. The key to success here is determining how much batter you need for each color so that you end up with thin enough layers not to lose much height during cooking (or thin enough to allow for multiple layers). In this article, we’ll show you how to make marble cake with cake mix.

How To Make Marble Cake With Cake Mix

What is a marble cake?

A marble cake is a cake with thin layers of different colored batter swirled together to give it an interesting marble effect. It’s similar in appearance to a layer cake but usually lighter in texture and taste. It’s typically made with eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking powder or soda & milk or yogurt

This cake is known by different names around the world including Marble Loaf Cake, Marble Pound Cake, or Chocolate Marble Cake. The term ‘Marble’ describes how the cooked batter looks rather than its ingredients or flavoring.

What are the different types of Marble Cake?

There are many variants of the marble cake. The most popular version is a white cake with chocolate batter swirled into it, but it can be made using any type of cake and/or different flavors of batter. Popular variants include:

Marble Cake with White Cake Mix – A classic vanilla marble loaf cake made from scratch. Marble Cake with Chocolate Cake Mix – This is a delicious combination of almond & chocolate which gives a rich taste to the finished product.

Marble Pound Cake Loaf – An excellent treat for marbled bundt pound cakes with added fruit filling.

Marble Banana Nut Bread – Smooth banana bread, slightly sweet and fragrant that’s perfect at teatime or as an afternoon snack

Marble Banana Bread – A moist banana bread swirled with sweet cream cheese.

Marble Cheesecake – A delicious glazed marble cheesecake with a white chocolate swirl.

Nutrition information:

For those that are wondering about the nutritional information of baking marble cake with cake mix, here’s all you need to know:

If you use a basic box mix to prepare a marble cake with icing, it will contain around 189 calories per serving. The entire recipe will produce around 12 servings so if you split it evenly, each piece would have an approximate value of 16.25 calories per serving. This is based on the assumption that everyone eats the same amount & doesn’t alter anything for themselves or others.

Different Methods of Marble Cake Making:

There are several ways to make a marble cake, the most common include baking using hand-mixed batter or two pre-separated batters. See below for details on each method.

Hand Mix Method – This technique involves mixing together all components by hand and pouring one color at a time into the pan as it’s being baked. The downside to this method is that it requires more effort but the upside is that you will not suffer from any significant crumbling of cake layers during cooking as can happen when making layer cakes. However, since the colors are hand-mixed, you may have to use a knife or skewer to ‘marble’ the batter by swirling it just before baking.

Separated Batter Method – This method involves preparing two bowls of pre-separated batters and then carefully pouring them into a pan in alternating layers before baking. The result is more cake layers so it’s better for giving height but there can be some loss of layers during cooking. To get even color distribution when layering the batters, divide the batter equally between two bowls and add food coloring to one while mixing. After transferring each bowl of colored batters to separate pans, swirl with a knife or toothpick using a figure-eight pattern, then bake immediately.

What is a cake mix?

A cake mix is a pre-mixed batter that only requires the addition of water and/or other wet ingredients to make a delicious cake. Most dry mixes are made from a base mix, which usually contains flour, sugar, leavening agents (e.g., baking soda or baking powder), salt, and flavorings. They can be either single flavor or multiple flavor types depending on the brand.

The cake mix has been around for over 100 years but really gained popularity starting in the early 1950s when brands started selling them alongside cookbooks with recipes for cakes & desserts using their own mixes. Cake mixes have since become increasingly popular to where they now outsell all other types of boxed mixes including brownie & cookie mixes.

Uses for Cake Mix:

There are many ways to use up leftover cake mix which can be either dry or fresh ones that you’ve made yourself using a different recipe (such as Marble Pound Cake Loaf ). Here are some ideas:

Make Cupcakes – Just add water and eggs and you’re good to go! 

Make Cookies – Add egg, oil, and water as needed. 

Add Pudding – Make a delicious dessert by adding packaged pudding to your leftover cake mix. 

Mix with other leftovers – Combine all those bits of ingredients from various other dishes you’ve made to use them up.

What ingredients do you need to make a marble cake with cake mix?

Cake Mix – You can now buy cake mixes with different flavors. You will need to use one box for each flavor you want in the finished product

Water – Just enough water to soften the mix so it’s easier to work with 

Cooking oil – For greasing your pan, measure out 1 Tbsp per standard cake mix or 2 Tbsp per German chocolate mix

Eggs – Break into a small bowl and whisk until foamy. Add just enough egg to each recipe as listed on the side of your package 

Fruit Jam/Jelly – *Optional – Use only jam that does not have whole fruit chunks for best results. Strawberry jam is most commonly used though raspberry & apricot are also common choices.

What equipment do you need to make a marble cake with cake mix?

Bowls – One small & medium bowls 

Measuring cups – A set with both dry & wet ingredients markings is best 

Spoons – For mixing ingredients together and stirring cake mix batter. If you’re using a German chocolate mix, do not use metal utensils.

Oven – Standard sized oven (Cupcakes will require one that can fit at least 12 standard muffin liners) 

Paintbrush/Sponge Brush – *Optional – If you want to add jelly before baking or if your cake has already been baked and you want to add additional fruity flavoring after it’s finished cooking. 

Paper Cake Decorations/ Bunting Flags – *Optional – To make your finished product pretty! 

Muffin Liners (optional) – *Optional – Use these only if you intend to make cupcakes. You can skip this or use foil cookie/pizza liners in its place if you want to make a cake instead.  

Baking Tray (optional) – A baking tray will help with making sure your cupcakes wind up with nice even tops after it’s finished baking. If you’re adding jelly, be sure to poke holes in the bottom of each paper liner before putting them on the tray to avoid it getting gummed up in the pan! 

How to make a marble cake with cake mix?

Preheat your oven – For best results, pre-heat to 350 F/180 C. The baking time is usually a little less in a lower temperature oven but the choice to use either is up to you!

Prepare cake mix batter – While your oven is heating up, prepare 1 cupcake or cake mix box at a time using the method detailed on the side of your package (or found in its ingredients list). If making cupcakes, use liners & fill each just over half full then add about 1 tsp jelly into the middle. You don’t want to add too much or you’ll wind up with jelly exploding out of them when they’re finished baking. Try not to stir it once it’s inside unless you’re trying to get it to spread evenly into the batter. If you’re making a cake instead of cupcakes, you’ll want to use a small bowl and mix your ingredients together then add them into a larger mixing bowl along with 1 cup of water. Break up any large clumps using your spoon before stirring them in & don’t stir too vigorously unless you want air bubbles!

Grease pan – Using cooking oil or butter, grease the inside of each baking compartment (pan, muffin tin, etc) well enough that nothing will stick while cooking. Especially if making cupcakes because jelly can make things very sticky during the baking process!

Fill compartments – Pour or spoon in just enough batter into each compartment so that when mixed together they all wind up with the same amount of batter in them (if you want to make more than 1 flavor). You can use a spoon or measuring cup for this. If using baking cups, just pour them right into the paper liner.

Use your paintbrush/sponge brush – If making cupcakes, you’ll need to use your paintbrush or sponge brush to spread jelly over the top of each one evenly. This prevents it from getting weird clumps of jelly on certain spots while leaving other parts bare. If you’re making a cake instead, sprinkle some sugar over the top so that it sticks around after everything is mixed together & baked. For mini cakes, use enough sugar so that every bite has at least 2 tsp worth on it!

Bake – Put your cake in the oven & bake as directed on the box. For cupcakes, you’ll want to use a baking time of 12-15 minutes. For a round or square cake, start checking it at 20 minutes then continue checking every 5 minutes after that until a toothpick comes out clean from the middle!

Cool – Once everything is finished baking & has cooled enough to touch without burning yourself, put all items except for paper decorations away and let them cool completely before decorating with either side facing up. If you need help keeping them steady while doing this step, try using some foil or another tray underneath where you’re going to put things down. Decorate however you see fit and enjoy!

What flavor of marble cake with cake mix is your favorite?

We recommend that you try out as many different flavors of marble cake with cake mix as possible. This way, you’ll find out which one best suits your taste buds! A few good ones to start off with include:

Green tea – There’s something about this type of marble cake with cake mix that makes it smell like it’s delivering a message from the future. The flavor might be a little difficult to get used to at first but once you do, there’s no going back!

Cookie dough – If someone was trying to describe what cookie dough tastes like without actually using it, they’d probably end up sounding a lot like this. It perfectly captures all the right spices & sweetness while avoiding awkward chunks that get in the way.

Vanilla – There’s a reason why vanilla is one of the most popular flavors and this type of marble cake with cake mix will show you why: it captures all the good stuff about what makes vanilla so special while still including everything else you’d expect from a sweet treat!

Banana – Like any other baking project, there should always be at least one banana flavor to try out if you want to know how they compare against each other. It’s not an easy choice but we think you’ll end up enjoying this one for years to come!

Just because it isn’t as popular doesn’t mean that no other types exist out there: feel free to experiment & learn more about them by trying them out for yourself!

What are the benefits of baking marble cake with cake mix?

There are several benefits that come along with baking marble cake with cake mix, some of which include:

No need to search for plain cake batter – While some people enjoy the flavor of store-bought or homemade vanilla/chocolate baked goods, others aren’t as big of fans. This is due to how it tastes more like raw flour than anything else sometimes. If you’re not a fan of this taste but still want to make something delicious without doing any extra work, using a boxed cake mix for your base will help out!

Inexpensive – The ingredients used in making most boxes of cake mix (while simple) wind up being very cheap when compared to other methods on the market. This is because it’s made up mostly of sugar, flour & egg with just a few other things mixed in!

Less time consuming – Who wants to spend their entire day baking if they don’t have to? Granted, the whole point behind using cake mix is so that you can enjoy your finished product faster. Even so, doing everything from scratch without a mix still takes longer than using one.

Allows for customization – Even if you’re using a pre-made mix, you can still add in some extra stuff to change the flavor up. Maybe you want cake batter-flavored marble cake or vanilla chocolate swirl instead? Everything is possible as long as it’s also easy to do!

Tips for baking marble cake with cake mix:

As far as baking marble cake with cake mix goes, following these steps will allow you to get the same results every time:

Mix & match! – If you’re not sure what types of flavors you want to bake together, try mixing up things that sound delicious on paper. Once you figure out which ones are your favorites, not only will it be easier for you to decide next time but also allow others who happen across them to discover something they like too! Try using whipped cream or vanilla pudding instead of jelly if so desired. 

Make sure everything is room temperature first – You’ll want all of your ingredients (including eggs) to be at least slightly warm so that the mix won’t harden while getting mixed together. 

Don’t use too much – Using a little bit of jelly is much better than a lot, as it allows the flavor to mix in but still leaves enough room for other things. Always remember to bake at 350°F – If you don’t have a specific temperature preference & want everything to cook evenly, baking at 350°F will work out much better.

What can go wrong when baking marble cake with cake mix?

As long as you follow these steps, there shouldn’t be anything that can go wrong when baking marble cake with cake mix. However, some common problems people sometimes run into while following this method include:

The mix hardens upon contact – This is typically caused by one of two things: the ingredients weren’t room temperature enough before mixing or too much jelly/frosting was used during the decorating process. Try lowering your oven heat next time & making less frosting so it doesn’t dry up before getting mixed in around! 

The flavor won’t come out strong enough – If you don’t want to lose flavor but also don’t want it to overdo itself, try using half the amount of jelly called for on the box.

Getting everything to stick together is difficult – When you bake marble cake with cake mix, it’s easier if everything can get mixed together without falling apart too much. This means that using a large bowl when mixing & baking things in is highly recommended.

If this sounds like the type of thing you’d enjoy, then congrats! It was designed for people just like yourself after all, so go ahead & give it a shot today! Be sure to experiment by mixing different flavors to find ones that best suit your liking. Soon enough, they’ll become loved enough that not only will you want to try them out all the time but also recommend them to others in need!

How to store marble cake with cake mix:

If you’re thinking about storing marble cake with cake mix for later, then there are a couple of methods that will help. While the first is better for people who want to eat it slowly over time, the other works best if you plan on eating it all at once:

Short term storage – If you know that your marble cake with cake mix isn’t going to be finished by the end of the day and enjoy refrigerating food, this is what you’ll want to go for: As soon as everything’s done cooking & cooling off, place any leftovers in an airtight container. Make sure to re-cover before placing it back into the fridge.

Long-term storage – If you don’t like the idea of food going bad quickly or know that you won’t be able to finish it within a day, try sticking them into the freezer for a short period. This will make things last longer – as long as they remain frozen – so feel free to take out as many as you want whenever needed! Just remember to let everything thaw on its own before eating again.

By following those steps, anyone can enjoy baking marble cake with cake mix! It may sound difficult at first but have no fear: if it was then everyone would already know about this simple way to bake delicious-looking treats!

Should you make your own cake or just buy it?

Making cakes can seem like a really daunting task, but in reality – especially if you keep these tips in mind – the process is actually pretty simple! If you want to make things even easier though (or already know an amazing baker), then it might be best for you to try buying your own cakes instead:

Not only will this save you money that could’ve been used elsewhere, but it’s also much better than getting complicated items from other sources. Whether that’s another bakery or grocery store, the cakes they sell may not always cook properly and/or taste as good as expected. With baking marble cake with cake mix, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues ever popping up! … And hey, maybe that means more money can be saved up for other things instead!

There’s never been a better time to try out this method of cooking cake. Just remember that while it may seem impossible at first, it actually isn’t all that difficult once you get the hang of what needs to be done! Whether alone or with others, there are many ways to make the entire process easier on yourself & everyone else involved. 

What are the health risks of eating cakes?

There are many risks involved with eating cake, such as:

Weight gain – Just like the majority of sweet treats out there, cakes are often high in sugar & fat. While these ingredients are great for cooking other dishes, if eaten too frequently then they can lead to weight gain over time.

Diabetes – Among all their other problems, one of the biggest issues that cakes have is causing people to develop diabetes more easily. If you already have this condition or want to avoid developing it for some reason, try staying away from any food containing excessive sugar.

Potential malnutrition – While this is not always an issue, it can be one that you run into if you constantly eat cakes alone (i.e., skipping all of your meals). Without any nutritious foods to go along with these baked goods, there’s a very good chance that you’ll end up malnourished over time! Whenever cooking or baking cake, make sure to pair them with healthy dishes like fruits & vegetables. By doing so, the nutritional value of your meal will stay at its best and you won’t run into any issues related to malnutrition either!

What is the best marble cake recipe?

There are many different recipes for cooking and baking marble cake, such as:

Marble Cheesecake – To make this cake, simply follow the recipe for making New York-style cheesecakes. Once that’s done, divide the batter into two bowls and mix together cocoa powder & chocolate syrup into one of them. Prepare your pan next before pouring each mixture into separate halves. Next, take a fork or toothpick and swirl the two to create marble patterns throughout your final dish!

Classic Marble Cake – This is another version of cooking marble cake that has been around for years:  Start by beating white sugar with cream cheese or margarine until they become creamy. Separately, sift flour and salt then combine sugared butter into those as well. Add egg yolks & vanilla extract as well before pouring in water and vinegar. Mix together baking soda & cocoa powder and fold them into the batter as well. Finally, whip egg whites until stiff peaks form then fold those into the mixture. 

Marble Pound Cake – If you want to cook marble cake that’s similar to pound cakes, follow these steps: Sift dry ingredients into one bowl. Separately, beat butter with sugar until light and fluffy then add eggs one at a time while mixing thoroughly. Mix milk and vanilla extract next before stirring it all together along with butter mixture until they’re completely combined as well. Gently stir in dry ingredients for best results and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit!

Whether or not this dish is better than other desserts is up to personal preference & opinion. The only thing that’s certain is that when made properly, it’s a great meal to enjoy on any occasion!


Why does my marble cake look different?

Since there are multiple ways for this recipe to work out, the best thing to do is experiment & see what goes wrong. If your supermarket happens to not have jellies or frosting available, feel free to use chocolate chips instead! And remember: if don’t like it quite yet then try adding sprinkles to make things more fun. This will allow you to overcome any problems before they become too big for you to handle.

How do I know when my marble cake with cake mix is done?

This depends on everyone’s oven so there’s no way around it: experiment! Keep checking back every few minutes until you notice that the design looks nice & the top of your frosting has a golden tint to it. This means that everything inside will taste good enough for anyone to enjoy & be done in just about 40 minutes from start to finish!

Why does my marble cake with cake mix taste like raw eggs?

If this happens, then something went wrong during the mixing process and that means less flavor in general. The best way to avoid this is by making sure that everything mixes properly and doesn’t fall apart too much while cooking in the oven. If the ingredients are too dry, feel free to add more jelly or frosting until it reaches a point where everything sticks together well enough.

What do I do if my marble cake with cake mix looks flat?

If you started out with baking powder but see that nothing’s happened after 30 minutes have passed, then try adding more jelly/frosting instead of waiting longer. This will help keep things moist & fluffy so that everyone can enjoy it just as much as they would’ve if anything had gone right the first time around!

Is there an easier way to make marble cake with cake mix?

Yes, there is! Try buying some pre-made frosting & jellies so that all you have to do is add them into the mix yourself. This way it’s possible to make marble cake with cake mix in under 3 minutes! Just remember to add in sprinkles if you want more color and flavor, and set your oven for a half-hour instead of 15 minutes if things look like they’ll fall apart soon.

How long can cake sit out unrefrigerated?

If it’s been around for a day or so, things will start to go bad. This is why you should only eat marble cake with cake mix as soon as it comes out of the oven rather than trying to keep leftovers for later! If you have any questions just remember that there’s no way to know unless you ask!

How do you keep a cake moist?

The best thing to do is bake a cake with a moist ingredient like jellies or frosting. Then, when it’s time to eat the cake, make sure that everyone gets a clean fork and starts out by eating from the outside in. This way all of the moisture will be on what’s being eaten first so that there’s more for later!

How can you tell if a cake is bad?

If a cake is bad, then it’s going to have a funny smell before being eaten. This will leave a horrible taste in everyone’s mouths so that they won’t want to eat anything for the rest of the day! To avoid this from happening just remember that “When in doubt, throw it out!”

What do you add to make a cake fluffy?

The best thing to add in order to make a cake fluffy is baking powder & egg whites since they allow everything inside the oven to rise without overflowing. After mixing everything together just remember that it’s possible to overcook or undercook things so that there are no raw ingredients left after baking has ended.

What do you put on top of a cake?

Toppings are optional but they do make cakes more interesting to eat especially if the frosting is made with jellies or syrups. If you have sprinkles, then it’s recommended that everyone gets a bowl of them so that all the cake needs afterward is another bowl of toppings on top before being eaten!

What can I substitute for eggs?

There are several substitutes for eggs that will keep everything nice & moist during the cooking process. Some good examples are applesauce, mashed bananas, syrup, jelly, jams, honey, milk/soy milk, yogurt & tofu. The last one might not sound delicious but it will work just fine as long as it’s mixed well with whatever ingredients are already inside.

Why does my cake mix taste like flour?

This happens to everyone at least once in their lifetime and it usually means that there was too much baking powder added during the mixing process. The good news is that this happens to every type of cooking so everyone will feel better knowing how common it really is! It’s still possible to eat the cake as long as no one complains about having a stomachache afterward.

What should you do if your batter sinks?

The first thing anyone looking to bake should know is that sinking happens all the time for almost every recipe under the sun! This isn’t a big deal; just make sure everything else goes well and enjoy whatever ends up being finished afterward even if it doesn’t look perfect. Remember, this is a baking blog so “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Why does my batter have bubbles?

When you’re mixing anything from cake mix to muffin batter, always remember that bubbles will happen as long as the ingredients are being rolled around fast enough. The best thing to do in this type of situation is put a spoon or something else flat on top until everything rises up during cooking time! Just make sure there’s no more stirring after adding seeds like vanilla extract or cinnamon since they’ll only make things worse.

What can I substitute for baking powder & soda?

Baking powder & soda can be substituted with yeast because both help dough rises quickly. This works fine if everything goes well but eggs might need to be broken in a separate bowl first before being added to the mix so that everything gets mixed together without any problems.

What can I substitute for buttermilk?

Buttermilk can be substituted with cracked eggs, yogurt & soy milk since all three add a light touch when baking cakes and cookies. Keep in mind that cracked eggs will still work depending on what else is inside the bowl while yogurt & soy milk will only work if they’re combined properly with water otherwise it’ll just taste like glue!

How early can you bake a cake?

It’s best to bake a cake at least one hour before the party or event is about to begin. This way everyone will have time to eat, socialize and enjoy themselves while waiting for the cake to finish cooking! Baking it beforehand is also great because it allows things to cool down if they’re too hot for people to eat right away.

Can a cake be left out overnight?

Yes, cakes are okay to leave out if they are covered with plastic wrap or something else that will protect them from insects, animals & dirt. However, remember that cakes go bad quickly so make sure everyone is only allowed one slice each before putting the rest of it away for tomorrow’s breakfast!

How long should you let cake dough sit?

As long as possible really! Sitting is the magic word when it comes to most types of cake recipes since it allows everything to mix together fast while the oven is heating up. Make sure there are no lumps in the mixture or else someone will end up with a horrid surprise once they take the first bite!

Why does my cake have brown spots?

Brown spots on cakes usually mean that something was left inside for too long when baking which caused it to burn. While this might not taste great when licking fingers, it’s still possible to enjoy what’s already been made as long as everyone eats around that part quickly enough before anyone notices anything bad about what happened in the kitchen!


In conclusion, there are many different types of marble cake recipes out there so choose whatever works best for you! And, as always, have fun with the food you’re making & enjoy being able to share good things with everyone who’s willing to try them! Remember, baking should be fun every step of the way.


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